What Makes “Great Art Great Art

Real People Respect Real People

People resonate with those who articulate ideas well. People always resonate with those who are authentic in their creative pursuit. When you create, whether you write, draw, design, or any pursuit, when you are creating the product for yourself that’s when you make the best stuff. Beyond the final product, when you enjoy the process, that’s when the best work is produced.

Pure Creative Intentions

Intentions are extremely evident in any type of creative act. There is no difference between a $1000 pair of pants and a $50 pair of pants that someone painted on. If both artists poured their everything into creating that pair of pants and they made it for themselves or for someone they loved in mind it’s the same product. 

What does it mean to enjoy the process? It has to mean that the artist is fully present in the act of creation. That the artist is making their art and not doing or thinking about anything else other than refining each tiny detail to make the best product. 

When the artist is fully present and maintains single pointed focus on the object of creation this is where the spirit begins to flow. Every moment of that artist’s existence begins to pour from the soul and infuse with the creation. This is a rare state of creation that only few are able to reach, but all great art flows from this common point.

Art vs Content

When the intention is pure and detached from how the creation will be received, how the product is ultimately received is irrelevant. 

What is the difference between a product and a creation; between content and art? 

Art is never made for commercial purposes, it’s made because the artist likes creating. Art is made because the artist wants to give their creation as a gift. Content and products are generally made with the intention of making a profit. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with creatively pursuing making quality products and content, but it’s different than art. 

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